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Lautapeliopas (“board game guide”) is the biggest board game information web site in Finland. The current site was launched in June 2009, but the editor-in-chief Mikko Saari has been doing board game reviews online since 1999. Lautapeliopas is the result of a long term commitment to board games.

What we can do for you

If you want to reach Finnish board gamers, there’s no better way than get your stuff seen on Lautapeliopas. We have a steady following and get lots of random traffic, thanks to our excellent Google rankings on many popular board game keywords. In slow summer months Lautapeliopas gets about 10,000 unique visits per month, but during December 2017 we had about 35,000 unique visitors with over 140,000 page views.

What can we offer?

  • Game reviews. Send us a review copy and we’ll do our best to see your game join the ranks of those reviewed on Lautapeliopas. We have a team of reviewers with varying tastes, so we can find the right reviewer for most games.
  • Article translations. Have you written an interesting article that would be of interest to Finnish board gamers? We can translate from English and publish your article in Lautapeliopas.
  • Board game industry contacts. We know most people in the Finnish board game industry. If you need information on who to contact in Finland, we can help.

If you’re interested, please contact Mikko Saari at for more details.

What Lautapeliopas is about

The main focus on the site is still in reviews. We have about thousand published reviews of board games, covering the essential classics and newer games. Games released in Finland get the best coverage, the rest gets reviewed according to the whims of the contributors.

Lautapeliopas also reports news, again with heavy Finnish emphasis. We also cover international board game news to some extent. Lautapeliopas also has a Twitter feed.

Our third strong point is articles. Lautapeliopas gets Finnish designers to describe their games and the processes behind them, and we’ve been successful in this, with lots of interesting articles already published. We also translate interesting international articles in Finnish.

Mikko Saari

Lautapeliopas was founded and is mostly written by Mikko Saari, a Finnish board game enthusiast born in 1980. Mikko is a long-time board game blogger, a BoardGameGeek user since 2003 and a proud owner of a Golden Game Reviewer badge. Mikko has been active in the Finnish board game scene since 1999, being busy in the Finnish Board Game Society and working as a board game translator for various board game publishers.

Mikko has written two books on modern board games, Uudet lautapelit (BTJ 2007) and Löydä lautapelit (Avain 2018). Mikko has also written two books on traditional card games: Tarotista texas hold’emiin (BTJ 2008) and 150 korttipeliä (Avain 2010). In addition to Lautapeliopas, Mikko has web sites for mahjong and traditional card games.

For a living, Mikko does WordPress infrastructure and is the creator of Relevanssi search plugin for WordPress.

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I just recently moved to Tampere and I am looking for people or groups that play the LOTR board game or strategy game. I was wondering if I could get any information on how I can find players and locations. Thank you!


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