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Iraklis Grous on pyörittänyt BoardGameGeekissä Finnish Chain of Generosity -anteliaisuusketjua, jossa jaellaan ilmaisia pelejä. Homma meni vähän sekavaksi, joten se on selkeyden nimissä käynnistetty uudestaan.

For the relaunch of the Finnish Chain of Generosity on BGG, three new games are on offer! The winner is determined on December 1.

Focus is the kotimainen version of Trivial Pursuit, a Finn-centric trivia game that you can play with the mummo, so that she doesn’t have to be embarassed not to know who won the Miss Congo beauty contest of 1979. Travel Clue is the portable version of the classic whodunnit game, something you can play with the kids while at the mokki, or when you find yourself snowed in at a huge mansion with a suspicious-looking butler. Travel Pictionary is another classic in a compact form, and is a great party game to carry along with you to a pub or party. It comes in a pencil-shaped case that fits in a jacket pocket.

A chain of generosity is basically what it sounds like. Gamers with more games than time can give them away to those who would appreciate them more. The recipient in turn gives away a game as well. The Finnish chain has been relaunched and will be giving away games every 15-20 days, so go ahead and be in!

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